Hi my name is Martin, nice to meet you

In 2013 I made the bonkers decision to move from Prague to Exeter. It was a bumpy ride. Back then I didn’t speak any English and didn’t know a
single person in Devon. But, over time I’ve fallen in love with this rugged and beautiful place. I also happened to fall in love with a wonderful man.

I lucked out and and now we’re engaged!

Without a doubt my happiest place is anywhere by the ocean. I’m a natural surfer at heart…
…but, in reality, I look more like a seal slipping around on a patch of ice.

Recently I managed to tick something off my ever increasing bucket list, by finally experiencing the
incredible glaciers and artic landscape of Iceland with my fiancé. I love exploring new places and cultures
and plans for the next big adventure are already underway.

Nature & coffee lover

Getting a drone opened a brand new horizon for me. My adventure holidays will never be the same.

For the past 5 years I’ve been producing a drag cabaret night in Exeter. I’m not a performer myself but I love the buzz from live events and
working with so many interesting artists. We’ve produced various fabulous events including RD&E Charity and Pride fund-raising cabarets.
Also I was lucky to photograph plenty of other amazing events all around South West and beyond.

I love what I do

Photography allows me to meet so many exciting people, to share in the unforgettable and to follow my passions. I already can’t wait for where the
next adventure takes me …

Lets have a chat

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