Wedding rings

“A tiny circle filled with infinite love” 

I found this quote rather fitting. It’s not a coincidence that a symbol of love is a never-ending cycle, which is a nice metaphor to never-ending love. Wedding rings stands out as a timeless and enduring emblem exchanged in the most romantic tradition, which actually has existed way longer than you might think. Traced back to early civilisations such the Ancient Egyptian or Romans and lasted ever since. I guess, it’s just a perfect fit. Always was and always will be.

I get emotional when I’m lucky enough to witness how much it means to the couple; to wear them for the first time. Like it was with Amy and Ed during theirs gorgeous outdoor wedding set in a beautiful part of East Devon, in the intimate venue at Boveys Down Farm. Imagine this, lush Devon countryside with cloudless sky, filled with nothing that sunshine. Lucky day to start wearing your shine and brand new wedding ring.

A wedding ring is way more that a piece of jewellery, it’s filled with emotions and memories and it has the power to bring them back. The laughter, the giggles, the nerves, the anticipation, the desire .. and foremost, the love. All permanently embedded within that tiny circle.