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Capturing Love Stories: Partnering with Brides at Waterfields

Becoming a Wedding Photographer Love is a universal language, and as a wedding photographer, I feel there’s nothing more fulfilling than capturing those magical moments that bind two souls together. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for immortalising love stories, I embarked on this journey to capture the essence of romance and […]

A Wedding Photographer’s Journey of Celebration and Connection

From Photographing Pride Parade to Pride Stall   As the vibrant colours of Pride paint the streets and the air is filled with the sound of laughter and celebration, I find myself reflecting on the journey that has led me here. A journey of love, acceptance, and the transformative power of photography. As a gay […]

Capturing Everlasting Love: Beyond Valentine’s Day

Introduction: Valentine’s Day, the day which put love into main focus and brings an opportunity to celebrate it in a variety of forms, the essence lies in genuine expressions of it. Love is a timeless and extraordinary force that deserves to be celebrated every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. As a wedding photographer, I […]

Wedding rings

“A tiny circle filled with infinite love”  I found this quote rather fitting. It’s not a coincidence that a symbol of love is a never-ending cycle, which is a nice metaphor to never-ending love. Wedding rings stands out as a timeless and enduring emblem exchanged in the most romantic tradition, which actually has existed way […]